Happy Birthday Hermione Jean Granger (b. 19 September, 1979)

I like to think about the first law of thermodynamics, that no energy in the universe is created… none is destroyed. That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else, maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova 10 billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing… a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth. A monkey. Thousands and thousands of other beautiful things that were just as terrified to die as we are.

We gave them new life… a good one, I hope.

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Divergent (2014)

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arrow meme » four brotp [03/04]


Now, Father, you’re living in the past. This is the fourteenth century!

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Taylor here. I’m locking myself in my room and not leaving until I figure out how to use my Tumblr. Well, I might leave for a second to get a snack or something but that is IT. I am FOCUSED. I have lots of questions, help me.



ask away sweet one!!!!

Is re blogging what I’m doing right now and is this the best way to write back to someone?
Also how do I get GIFs?
How do you post them?
How do I have one of those convos you always see screen shots of on Instagram?
Is that by re blogging or is there some sort of conversation board on here?
Overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths.

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If I don’t remember who I am, who’s to say I’m not a princess or a duchess or whatever she is, right?

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this slope is treacherous

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